[Herald Review] Korean and Welsh dance companies share creativity in 'Wales Connection'

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The striking costumes of the three dancers immediately captured the audience's attention. From hats to sunglasses, and even socks, everything appeared to be mismatched, yet the patterns were vibrant and eye-catching.

In “Catachory,” the dancers existed in their own bubbles, at times making rhythmic leaps while sitting or lying down, wriggling like caterpillars, at other times appearing like broken mannequins.

The scene is from "Wales Connection," a collaborative project between the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and the National Dance Company Wales, which is set to premier two performances at the Seoul Arts Center from Friday to Saturday.

Choreographer and artistic director Kim Bo-ram from the Ambiguous Dance Company, and Welsh-Zimbabwean choreographer Anthony Matsena, each worked with dancers from their counterpart dance companies.

Kim introduced his latest piece, "Catachory," exploring the concepts of "sound before music" and "body before dance.” He visited Wales in September and October, conducting workshops there with the dancers. The outfits were personally selected by Kim and the three dancers during their tours of markets in Wales and Korea.